Top Three Tips to Better shots

I’m often asked many questions, but the one that crops (pardon the pun!) up the most is how can improve my photography? There are many things you can do to help you create the shots you’ve always wanted to get, but that would take more than this email to go through, so for now, I thought I’d share with you. My top three tips to help you get better results.

Take your time. Most shots don’t need to be rushed, so take your time. Have your camera somewhere within reach and enjoy the process of taking each shot. Being calm and in the moment when you press that shutter button will often lead to your best shots.

Which leads me nicely onto …
Plan your shot.
Having fun with a pan shot again _
Even if it’s taking a few seconds to think about what kind of outcome you’re after. How would you like to frame the photo? Where do you want the main subject to sit in the shot? Will it be landscape or portrait?
And finally …
Learn how to hold your camera.
Get to know how it feels in your hands. Are there particular functions you need to use on a regular basis? What buttons are where? A heavy DSLR with a long lens will handle differently to a compact? If you have a long zoom on your compact camera it will behave differently the more you zoom in.

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