The Five Photomeet Steps

If you’ve never been to a photomeet before, you might be wondering what they’re all about.
I mean they’re called a photomeet because that’s what we do, we meet up to take photos.BUT there is more to it than that. So here are what we like to call the Five Photomeet Steps.
1. What camera are you using today?
Is it the one you regularly use? Is it a new camera? New Lens? We’ll spend a few minutes at the start talking through any questions you have about your particular camera.
BONUS INFO: You don’t need an dSLR (the one you can change the lenses) to take great photos.
2. What photos would you like to take today?
There is a theme set every month but you don’t have to stick to this. We’ll talk about what each of us hopes to capture and how we’re thinking about going about this.
3. How can you get those photos you want?
Are you trying out a new technique for the first time or are you using a tried and test method. Once again we talk through this, encouraging you to create your own style.
4. We go for a walk.
Simply put, we take a short walk enabling you to find a new part of the city you live in and give you a good excuse to get out and start shooting.
5. How can I take away what I’ve learnt today?
At the end up we have recap of what we’ve shot on the day (usually over a cup of coffee) and how we felt it went.
So there you have it. The five Photomeet steps. Steps to help you have fun with your photography and meet other like minded people.

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