The 24 Shot Challenge

What is the 24 shot challenge?
It’s a photography project that can be as short or as long as you like with the express idea of only taking 24 photos.
Why 24 shots?
In the days of 35mm film photography you’d often only have 24 exposures per film.
Let me explain …
Do you ever look at your hard drive at all those shots you’ve taken but never done anything with? Well this is where the 24 shot challenge will hopefully help you change that habit. If you feel this applies to you, read on …
Step 1. Think of a subject. What would you like to photograph? It can be anything you choose, but pick a subject that will hold your interest.
Step 2. What time frame will you be taking your 24 shots over? You could go for a simple 10 minutes, or why not be really strict and only allow yourself 1 shot and hour?
Step 3. Think of what you will do with images after you’ve taken them? Will you post them to a social media platform? I recommend Instagram as it’s a great place to see and share images. Have somewhere in mind to output your images
Step 4. Follow through with your plan. Maybe begin with a short time and simple theme. For example, everything around you that is the colour red in 5 minutes. Simple, 24 shots in Β 5 minutes.
Step 5. Enjoy the process. Make a note of how it makes you look at what you’re taking and what you are not.
(Optional) Step 6. Send you results to me, I’d love to see what you have taken, how the challenge panned out for you. Or post them on the SAAA Community page.

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