To enjoy the photography you do, do the photography you enjoy

To improve with anything you must practice and often that practice can be tough. To begin with you learn quickly, everything is fresh, new and exciting, and then you hit it, the plateau. Nothing seems to change, you appear to be stuck at a certain level. At this point it’s pretty easy to give up, it’s too hard to continue to be motivated when you see no progress at all. BUT let’s look at this from another point of view.

The one question you need to ask yourself at this point is are you enjoying yourself? If it’s a hobby, you’re not being forced to do it, it is something you’ve chosen. Now even if it is that one thing you’ve always wanted to do, it may not always be fun, but for me enjoyment is the key and remember, you never stop learning.

I’ve learnt a lot about photography over the years to see that enjoyment in the process of learning makes me learn faster. Keeping a positive frame (no pun intended) of mind when you’re trying a new technique out, or attempting to catch that killer shot really does help.

So, to improve your photography. Do what you enjoy, take the photos you want to take.

I often joke that if you’re really into photographing lamp posts, make sure they’re the best photos of lamp posts you can take and above all enjoy taking them and then sharing them.

My real passion for photography is railways and everything to do with them. From the trains to the stations, signals to the sidings I enjoy it. I feel relaxed when I’m out trackside with my camera, which leads me to take what I think at least, are my best images and I’ve learnt so much during that process.

So, don’t wait for permission. Go and take the photos you want, enjoy taking them and you will naturally learn as you go.

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