How Fear is such a limiting beast and how I overcome it.

Warning, this is a non-photography post.

Fear is such a limiting beast. I’ve been afraid of many things and too often I haven’t pushed through it.

Until I thought about one such fear, the fear of flying.

170601--Β© William Mankelow

I love it and loath it in equal measure, but when I’m really scared, when I’m freaking out because of turbulence, or just flying itself, I push through it. If I have a window seat I look out and try to keep myself calm, though this doesn’t always work. A flight I took back from Hamburg last year was just too rough for me to ignore it.

BUT even though it stresses me, scares me. I still do it. Why? Aside from the obvious pay off of being able to explore more of this amazing world. We have to go to Finland every year, at least once. Which means having to fly.

Everytime I face my fear. It doesn’t get any easier, each flight is different, but I face it and move on.

So if there’s something you fear, like me with flying, or me having to pick the phone up for a difficult conversation. Remember, that fear is often just the feeling of not being in control. That you can’t cope. You can. Believe me, you can.

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