Create as a journey, not as destination.

Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines” Roger Waters

So you’re out and about, or at home and you have an idea. It just pops into your head and you know at that moment, right then that it will work. You enjoy that moment, that it something that will get you out there, being creative, showing what you’re capable of, that you’re capable of coming up with original and interesting ideas.

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BUT then what happens next? Have a read of this story and let me know if it sounds familiar to you.

An idea comes to you, for a particular project. It’s pretty simple but you’re seeing it from your own point of view, you’re giving it your own twist, that little extra piece of you gives it something new and refreshing. At that point you know it will work, it cannot fail.

You follow this idea through to it’s eventual conclusion, success and this success is from your own point of view of course.

But then what happens next?

You stop. You analyze the idea, turn it over in your head and that’s when doubt starts to creep in. Maybe the idea isn’t as good as you originally thought. Isn’t as big as you would like. That actually it isn’t new, it’s been done a million times before and better than you can ever do yourself.

170710-Oxford-© William Mankelow []-1-0.jpeg

Does that sound familiar? We can have so many ideas, some good, some bad, some borrowed, some stolen, some created from thin air. But what good is an idea if it just stays as that.

You’re probably expecting me to tell you to just take the plunge, what can go wrong? Go for it, take the idea and run with it etc etc. Good advice, but think of it more simply.

Creation leads to creation. I play video games, I’ve created cities and civilizations (and destroyed a few as well!) but it’s creation for the sake of creation. Hell, even writing this blog post came from a separate photography idea that I had this morning.

170710-Oxford-© William Mankelow []-2-0.jpeg

I think to sum this all up in one line. Create to create. Create as a journey, not as destination. AND do it, whatever that idea is.


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