Storm Ophelia, the Sahara and why was everything yellow earlier today …

The 16th October 2017 has been a day of real contrasts when it comes to the weather and in particular the colour of the daylight here in the South of England. For long spells it has almost felt like a perpetual twilight has descended over the world. So why did everything turn so yellow, orange and red?171016--© William Mankelow-2
The answer to this as is always the case here in the UK, is the weather. It’s always the weather isn’t it! In this instance two particular meteorological factors have played their part in creating these conditions. The first of them being the jet stream which is currently sitting just over the north of the British Isles. This system often dictates just what kind of weather we’ll be having here in the UK relative to it’s position.

Position of the jet stream as of 06:00am 16th October 2017.

The second is Ophelia, or more specifically ex-Hurricane Ophelia which is currently blowing and blustering its way, once again across the north of these islands. The combination of both has lead to a vast amount of dust, sand and debris from the Sahara being blown further north than is usual.

The predicted path of the centre of storm Ohpelia 

This matter in the sky has in turn diffused and scattered the light, which has caused the slightly eerie light we had earlier in the day. Turning what should be the brightest part of the day, into dusk. In fact the very same factors are at play here then to those that create those beautiful sunsets.

Now as a photographer I saw this as a great opportunity to photograph the sun during the day as it’s strength was very much diminished. Here are a few shots that I managed to capture of this unique and interesting atmospheric event.

171016--© William Mankelow-6   171016--© William Mankelow-5

What did you make of it all? Did you get out and take any shots yourself? Did you know what was causing it or like me turned to social media and in internet to find out what exactly had happened to our skies?

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