What happens when I pick up my camera.

This blog post was prompted by a question from a client. Being a fellow creative, they were interested to hear about my creative process, in essence how I work.

Now I’m not going to pretend that I’ll even scratch the surface as for it’s very deep subject. It’s not that I’m locking it away, it is just that there is so much going on at any one time, that inspiration for creativity comes from more than one source.

To keep it simple then, I’ll tell you a story. The story of what happens when I pick up my camera.

161113--© William Mankelow

It’s safe to say this happens every time. I’m at my most content with a camera in hand, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing. Even after years of photographing, I just love being in the moment, this is where the story really begins to take shape. Light is all around me, I know where it’s coming from, I know where to be and where to position myself. I’m looking out for frames everywhere, this can be as simple as a doorway or two trees or more complex.

The next part might make you feel a little uncomfortable, I’ve seen the shot, I’ve got the framing perfect and just before I press the shutter I emotionally disconnect myself from the world around me, I’m only an observer, I’m not judging what I’m capturing which allows me to be free from my own inner critic and detach myself from my own prejudices. Once I’m in this world I need to make the most of it, this is where the magic happens, where the best shots come from.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into what makes a really good photo. For me it’s eliciting an emotional response, if I fail this test, then I’ve not achieved my own personal target. The great thing though is being detached, being distant and allowing my subject to be themselves, only interacting when I feel they need it, that is when the best shots happen.

I hope this goes someway to asnwering the question.

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