Get out with your camera!

Need an excuse to get out with your camera? What better one is there when the weather is good? There is something about a nice, calm, clear morning that inspires not only photography but sets you up nicely for a good day ahead.

180913--©William Mankelow-3

Even a clear morning might not be enough to get you out, so be prepared. Check the weather forecast, get your camera ready with a full battery and empty memory card, leave it in a place where it is easy to pick up on your way out.

Make it simple and easy so that all you need to do is get up, grab your camera and get out. This can just be for a short walk around your local area, or you can grab a bus into the city centre. You can head to a familiar area, somewhere you know inside out.

170710-Oxford-© William Mankelow

Once you are out, don’t feel you need to start taking shots as soon as you leave home. Give yourself a few minutes, you can even time this if you like. Use this time to bring yourself into the now.

Forget the past, forget what the day, week, month ahead. Be in the moment and begin to see the world around you. Then, start shooting.

The next step is then to share it was us with our growing Facebook community, we’d like to see what you capture.

If you’re after inspiration have a look at this blog, What happens when I pick up my camera.

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