Sparking your creativity

Do you often find yourself asking the question, how can you spark your creativity into life again?

As a visual artist, workshop facilitator, podcast host. I need to be creative in what I do.

Even those people we admire as being what is termed a creative genius, have spells both long and short of not feeling creative.

What I’m going to share with you here are a few techniques that help me find that creative spark again, to create a thing we’re proud of, to bring something new into the world.

  1. Movement – Staying put in one place too long, rarely helps creativity. You end up with the same thought patterns, familiarity breeds familiarity. Introducing movement, be it a walk in the garden,  a stroll to the shops, or just a lap of your office helps break those cycles of thought.
  2. Resolve or stubbornness – When I don’t feel creative when I’m having a day when I can’t see the next shot, the next blog post, the next newsletter, the next podcast question, I push myself out there. I create just for the sake of it. Not everything you’re going to make will be good, in fact only around 6% of ideas become a commercial success. Build your resolve and be stubborn with yourself.
  3. Cut out distractions – Find a place, or places, that are distraction-free. No phone, no internet, just be. Set yourself a time, ten minutes, half an hour, whatever you feel you can spare. Take a pen and paper and write out the issue you’re trying to resolve, or the idea you have in your head. Focus solely on that one task.

Do you have a particular way to spark your creativity? I’d love to hear it. Why not comment below, or email at


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Helping aspiring creative amateur photographers gain confidence through simple techniques without any jargon, via one to one & group guidance online.

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