What Makes An Artist?

How do we know when a person is an artist? What makes them an artist?

I posed this question in a recent episode of the Shot @ an Angle show, and the replies I got from the viewers were quite informative, and they didn’t all agree with each other. To some it was the idea of being creative, that if you’re creative, you are an artist.

Where does inspiration come from? Should you wait for it to come to you? Inspiration can come in many forms, but it can be forced. If we were all to wait for inspiration to hit us we’d be waiting for a long time. What if it never comes? Inspiration comes from action, taking a decisive step, taking action. The mere act of placing one foot in front of another leads you to go for a walk, and on that walk your surroundings will alter and inspiration often follows.

I didn’t wait for inspiration to hit me to write this, I sat down with my laptop, with a mug of tea to hand, and started writing. The very act of me doing this sparked the memory of the live show I did, and I started to put those thoughts down in writing.

What makes an artist? Are they more creative then eveyone else? Do they have more inspiration than everyone else? Or do they just act on what they enjoy doing.

I’m a photographer, a musician, a writer, a speaker, a facilitator, a podcast host. Does that make me an artist? What do you do? Do you see yourself as an artist?

The only person who can really define whether you are an artist is yourself, nobody else. Everyone has opinions, everone will have their own point of view, but the one that truly counts is yours.

So today, take the step and call yourself whatever you want to be. Call yourself an artist, and see how it sits with you, how it makes you feel. 

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Helping aspiring creative amateur photographers gain confidence through simple techniques without any jargon, via one to one & group guidance online.

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