Every Time You Pick Up Your Camera.

Ask yourself, what do I want to photograph today? Be as precise as possible, so for example today I want to photograph every red car that I see, rather than just any car. Or I want to photograph interesting people that I meet on the street, rather than just street photography. Those are just two very basic example, be eve more precise than that.

When you know what you want to photograph, think of where you’d need to go to find those shot, and again be specific. Have more than one place, have as many as you can think of and pick one place to start with.

I often find that photography is a good excuse to get out for a walk, but remember that the impetous to go out in the first place is to photograph. Contrating on one thing at a time is a good thing. Do one thing, and do it well.

Then when you’re out with your camera, keep your eyes open, be ready to take that next shot when it presents itself, have fun, lose yourself in what you’re doing, lose yourself to the experience that is photography.

Bottom line, if your photography is just a hobby, make sure it is fun, as that is what a hobby is supposed to be, fun.

Published by Shotatanangle

Helping aspiring creative amateur photographers gain confidence through simple techniques without any jargon, via one to one & group guidance online.

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