Enjoy What You Enjoy.

Never be affraid to enjoy what you enjoy.

There will always be someone that will think you strange for liking what you like.

There will always be someone who will look down on you for being who you are.

It seems that human nature is very much to place everyone in boxes, it makes those around us more understandable.

I say, to hell with boxes! We are all unique individuals. 

We all have our own unique, lived experience. Each and every one of us are a combination of our upbringing, our education, our choices, our thoughts, our beliefs, the list goes on into infinity.

As there are so many parameters that make up who we all are, then there are so many different people.

The only real identifier, for the want of a better phrase, is someone’s name, how they treat others, and how they treat themselves as well.

So, be yourself, but when you are, be kind to those around you, as you don’t know how tough it can be, to be someone else.

Published by Shotatanangle

Helping aspiring creative amateur photographers gain confidence through simple techniques without any jargon, via one to one & group guidance online.

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