Confidence & Courage

Do you feel confident with your photography? Do you feel courageous?

I’m going to share with you, two simple ways that you can improve both your confidence, and your courage.

A caveat here, both confidence, and courage mean different things, to different people. But you know what it means to you.


I’ve been there, what I share here comes through my own experiences.

The simplest way you can boost you confidence with your photography is to …

Practice. It really is that simple.

Ask yourself this question.

How often do you get out with your camera?

It doesn’t matter what kind of camera. It can be your dSLR, your BIG camera, it can be your phone.

Is it once a day, once a week, once a month, or even less?

The more you practice, the more you’ll become accustomed to the camera you are using, how it works, and you’ll begin to find what you enjoy capturing most.

Try it out today. Make sure your camera is in an easy to reach place. Set yourself a goal to pick it up every day, and photograph something, anything. You don’t even need to leave your home.

There is never a right moment.


What is good enough? How can you tell that you know enough?

Which leads onto …

A lack of courage.

A lack of courage comes in many guises.

You might want to photograph a person, but don’t feel courageous enough to ask them.

You could feel that you’re not ready, you don’t have enough knowledge.

Remember this, you are only as good as you are now. To improve you must push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

What you’ll find every time you do this, is that comfort zone becomes bigger, it grows.

So ask that person.

Take that photo.

By doing you’ll already feel better about yourself, and doing always leads to new ideas.

You can liken doing to pushing a rock down a hill. The hardest part is getting it moving, once it starts though, there’s no stopping it.

I gengtly encourage you to allow yourself to be the photographer you want to be.

To actually be a photographer.

So do you feel confident with your photography? Do you feel courageous?

Published by Shotatanangle

Helping aspiring creative amateur photographers gain confidence through simple techniques without any jargon, via one to one & group guidance online.

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