To enjoy the photography you do, do the photography you enjoy

To improve with anything you must practice and often that practice can be tough. To begin with you learn quickly, everything is fresh, new and exciting, and then you hit it, the plateau. Nothing seems to change, you appear to be stuck at a certain level. At this point it’s pretty easy to give up,Continue reading “To enjoy the photography you do, do the photography you enjoy”

Capture the change.

The world around you can sometimes appear to stand still, that is particularly true here in Oxford where you can often find a place hardly change in years. But look closely enough and you’ll find that the world around you changes more often than you might think.      The shop at the end ofContinue reading “Capture the change.”

Top Three Tips to Better shots

I’m often asked many questions, but the one that crops (pardon the pun!) up the most is how can improve my photography? There are many things you can do to help you create the shots you’ve always wanted to get, but that would take more than this email to go through, so for now, IContinue reading “Top Three Tips to Better shots”

The experience is everything

I’ve always believed that life is not about the possessions you accumulate, it’s about the experiences you have. A couple of weeks ago I had one such experience that I won’t forget for a long time to come. As a bit of a back story I’ve been following my local team Oxford United through goodContinue reading “The experience is everything”