What Do You Like to Photograph?

Are you really taking your photography in the direction you want it to go? Or are you following a trend?

Would you like to create your own style? A photographic style that is truly yours, and yours alone? …

To enjoy the photography you do, do the photography you enjoy

To improve with anything you must practice and often that practice can be tough. To begin with you learn quickly, everything is fresh, new and exciting, and then you hit it, the plateau. Nothing seems to change, you appear to be stuck at a certain level. At this point it’s pretty easy to give up,Continue reading “To enjoy the photography you do, do the photography you enjoy”

The habit of always having a camera on you.

Most importantly have your camera you use to hand at all times. Have a place you keep it and make that somewhere you’re very likely to walk past as you head out of the house. This means you can pick it up almost without thinking. Did you know that on average if you follow aContinue reading “The habit of always having a camera on you.”

The 24 Shot Challenge

What is the 24 shot challenge? It’s a photography project that can be as short or as long as you like with the express idea of only taking 24 photos. Why 24 shots? In the days of 35mm film photography you’d often only have 24 exposures per film. Let me explain … Do you everContinue reading “The 24 Shot Challenge”

Top Three Tips to Better shots

I’m often asked many questions, but the one that crops (pardon the pun!) up the most is how can improve my photography? There are many things you can do to help you create the shots you’ve always wanted to get, but that would take more than this email to go through, so for now, IContinue reading “Top Three Tips to Better shots”