What Do You Like to Photograph?

Are you really taking your photography in the direction you want it to go? Or are you following a trend?

Would you like to create your own style? A photographic style that is truly yours, and yours alone? …

What I’ve learnt trying to sell my artwork at a market stall

“But it isn’t just about selling for me, as I stated it is just to meet people face to face, listen to their story and their opinion …”

What happens when I pick up my camera.

“Now I’m not going to pretend that I’ll even scratch the surface as for it’s very deep subject. It’s not that I’m locking it away, it is just that there is so much going on at any one time, that inspiration for creativity comes from more than one source …”

Storm Ophelia, the Sahara and why was everything yellow earlier today …

“The 16th October 2017 has been a day of real contrasts when it comes to the weather and in particular the colour of the daylight here in the South of England. For long spells it has almost felt like a perpetual twilight has descended over the world. So why did everything turn so yellow, orange and red?”